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We are the Bicyclery Inc. in West Palm Beach. Our reputation within Palm Beach County’s cycling community is unmatched. Those who know cycling expect quality service and exceptional care of their bicycle. Our customers are informed bicycle consumers to whom we provide competitive bicycle pricing, quality bicycle products, and knowledgeable staff who ensure that the customer’s needs are met. We cater to all bicycling needs, from commuters to world-class athletes. Come visit us…. We look forward to meeting your needs. We offer only the best bicycle parts! Come see us today here in West Palm Beach!


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"Hi, my name is Frank. I have been in the bicycle business in south Florida for over 30 years. I would like to let you know how much I like dealing with Bicyclery in West Palm Beach, FL, and the people there. Tom the owner is always glad to see and help anyone with their cycling needs. It does not seem to matter to him if you are on a 3-wheeler and are 70 years old or if you are on a shiny new Felt bike that you just bought last week for $3,000.… — Frank
Dear Bicyclery, Every time we come to the Bicyclery you greet me and every customer like we are important. You have what we need, if not you eagerly order it. Your mechanics are the best, often making needed repairs on the spot. Why would I order any bike items on line when you are right down the street, have it all and the knowledge to help make good decisions. Long live the independent stores. Sincerely, — Larry Leggett
I have known Tom and The BICYCLERY for years, and I always want to go back to my first shop ever! They sold me my first MTB for a good price point, I hammered it at KMART trails ( RIP)..folded it..got a MARIN..Cannondale Super V 300 etc..Basically..these guys and gals TOOK MY TRAINING wheels off! Tommy has always been there..thru thick and thin..to teach me how not to just select a bike, wrench it..Abuse it..and come get ANOTHER! — David Strain, http://www.facebook.com/david.strain.92
My father had me on two wheels before I could tie my shoes. Every year I got a new bike for Christmas, I started racing Motocross in the third grade, and was named after the owner of my home town bike shop owner. Needless to say I know a little about the bikes. When I don’t know how to fix something or need some help I can always find it at the Bicyclery. The Bicyclery is more than a place to get your flat fixed. It is a rare place where you… — Dusty Gilbert
"Hi. My name is Kent. I ride trails (Oleta River, Markham, Pinehurst) two or three days a week and urban one or two days a week. Although the actual number fluctuates and seems to be somewhat of a local joke, let's just say that I have more than one bike. I travel a fair amount, I break stuff, and I like to experiment with different set-ups to see what works best for me, so I have spent a lot of time in a lot of bike shops in a lot of different… — Kent
I have known Tom, and the gang at Bicyclery for about 10+ years. He's always ready to help anyone with there bike, he loves his job and cycling. He always thinking of others, including his family, friends, and fellow cyclist. Bicyclery is a great home town shop that supports local cyclist and sponsors many fun and exciting events, for both the seasoned cyclist and the beginner. Great job for all involved with Bicyclery!! :) — John J Meegan, http://www.facebook.com/john.j.meegan
"The very first time I ever walked into the Bicyclery, Tom and his staff treated me like a friend. That was three or four years ago. In that time, I have bought a couple of bikes and only God knows how many parts. They always have what I need, or they can have it in a few days. And if I am going to spend my hard-earned money in a bike shop. I am going to do it where they treat you like a friend." — John Giammarco | Mountain biker/commuter.
I bought my first bike back in 05' when I started riding part time. Since then, Tom, Rob, Rudy,Kristy,and Patrick have in one way or another helped me with my cycling questions and needs. Keep up the great work and thanks!! — Lorenzo Miranda
"Dear Bicyclery, Thank you for all the years of professional, friendly, and expert service. Whether it's road, mountain, track, or never-before-heard-of rare parts, you guys have been able to get it done. More importantly, thank you for all you do to support and grow the sport of cycling. I don't know of another bike shop in South Florida that does more to help cycling. Keep up the great work!" — Ralph Clemente | Former roadie turned total bike nerd
Not sure how many years I have been friends with Tommy and company but its been since the beginning. The wisdom , knowledge, experience , and ability of the staff is top notch. They always seem to have something extra going on and that is hard to find this day and age. Its more than a bike shop. Its a fun place to go if you are into cycling or even interested in cycling. See ya soon — Nils Bertelson
Hey Tom, I've kinda fallen off the riding wagon, but almost ready to get back on. There's just not enough time in the day anymore... Feel free to use the paragraph below however you want. The Bicyclery is the kind of bike store that every cyclist, from the racer to the person who cruises the beach needs to know. Friendly staff that makes you feel at home, partly why I end up spending a minimum of an hour there when I go for a… — Rob P. Naylor Jr